by Diana Thomas, Merrill Anderson

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Most learning leaders agree they should enhance the current measurement strategy, monitor specific metrics on an ongoing basis, and strive for greater visibility to business impact. But many can’t get out of the starting blocks, for several reasons. As a result, many learning leaders are faced with a decision to “measure now or measure later?”

You’ve heard the saying, “there’s no better time than the present.” We could apply that phrase to just about anything in life where we’re trying to produce positive results – a healthier lifestyle, saving for retirement, etc. You clearly understand the consequences if you procrastinate too long in any of those areas. Couldn’t we say the same about learning measurement?

The purpose of learning is to produce a positive impact on results, and the pursuit of measurement is to make better, more accurate decisions. So if you could make informed decisions about impacting results from learning, why would you knowingly put that off?

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why. In fact, in most cases, they’re the same reasons we don’t exercise regularly or implement a steady savings plan. Perhaps we’re too busy, or we don’t have enough funds after our general expenses. The truth is, most of us don’t make those tasks a priority. When we don’t, we put our future and livelihood at risk. And that’s precisely what happens when you continue to push learning measurement off to next month, next quarter, and next year.

No one loses all their extra weight at once or saves a considerable nest egg in a couple of months. It’s the same with learning measurement. You have to start sooner than later and take an incremental approach. It’s the small, steady steps forward that yield the big pay off down the line. Learning measurement is no exception to that rule.

This panel examines the big reasons to get started measuring your learning function today and makes common-sense suggestions for how to take an incremental approach to get to the full impact measurement we all know our business partners would like to have to run their operations more successfully.

Our panelists and measurement expert facilitator will discuss real hurdles to measurement and the strategies they’re employing to leap beyond and deepen measurement activities that will increase learning’s enablement of the business.

Diana Thomas
Diana Thomas
Merrill Anderson
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