by Richard Flanagan

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Training and development is a strategic investment that a company makes in its workforce. It is as essential to a company’s future as the investments it makes in research, new products, sales and marketing, technology, and acquisitions. Arguably no other part of a company has the potential to impact more employees and stakeholders. Unfortunately, the “scrap rate” of training, that is, learning that goes unused, is high and costly, not only in dollars but also in customer dissatisfaction.
That said, training and development can and frequently do produce significant returns and competitive advantage, but only when managed in a systematic and disciplined way.

This presentation will provide an overview of six disciplines that, when practiced in concert, constitute a breakthrough in training that converts a much higher proportion of learning into business results.

  • Define Outcomes in Business Terms
  • Design the Complete Experience
  • Deliver for Application
  • Drive Follow Through
  • Deploy Active Support
  • Document Results

These disciplines, while intuitively apparent on the surface, represent a paradigm shift in the design and delivery of corporate training. The focus of this presentation will be on the specific application of these principles, with specific case examples from our work with hundreds of companies and programs. Particular emphasis will be placed on optimizing the transfer and use of learning, the area which offers the most significant opportunity for transformational change.

Richard Flanagan
Richard Flanagan
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