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Upcoming Events

Connect and Share with Your Peer-Group at Targeted Events

15 Apr
Culture Learning Circle (#2)

Linking Happiness, Optimism + Positivity to Balance Well-Being & Stress

When we are happy, optimistic and positive, the physiology of the brain changes. To quote Shawn Achor, “our brains are literally hardwired to perform at their best not when they are negative or even neutral, but when they are positive.”

Thu • 08:30 AM CTEngagement & Culture, Learning Circles, Team Leaders
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15 Apr
ELE Events: Producer Series - Train the Trainers

Advanced Platform Features & Tools and When Disaster Strikes | The Virtual Producer Series

This session plans to cover: Developing a Disaster Recovery Process, Establishing Contingency Plans & Protocols, and Managing Unexpected Challenges

Thu • 04:00 PM CTDigital, Learning Circles, Team Leaders, Your Teams
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19 Apr
ELE Events | Let’s Talk Talent Strategies

The State of Skills 2021 | Degreed's Latest Research

Right now, upskilling your workforce is a matter of survival. The State of Skills 2021 is a global data report by Degreed and is available as a PDF in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French.

Mon • 05:30 PM CTComplimentary, Future Of Work, Meet-ups, Your Teams
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27 Apr
Awareness and education at all levels must be prioritized

Leadership Training Effectiveness Roundtable “Did training work?" | Retooling #24

We’ll share the facts, before and after training, to answer the question with measurement and data, “Did training work?”

Tue • 09:00 AM CTAnalytics, Complimentary, Learning Circles, Your Teams
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03 May
ELE Events | Let’s Talk Talent Strategies

The Power of Moments

As we think about hybrid work teams and all of the implications — what is the right balance and how do we prepare our executives, managers, and employees for the new normal?

Mon • 05:30 PM CTComplimentary, Meet-ups, Operations, Your Teams
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19 May
2020-2021 ELE Virtual Leadership Summit

Learning Leadership Summit 2021 | Wisconsin Exchange #11

Is your HR & Talent Development Team Prepared for the Future?
Executives & Thought Leaders share insights & strategies to improve team learning & new models for talent performance

Wed • 01:00 PM CTEngagement & Culture, Full-day Exchange, Future Of Work, Integrated Talent Management, Leadership, Performance Improvement, Strategy, Talent Executives, Team Leaders, Wisconsin Cohort, Your Teams
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Forward-Thinking Peers

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Alysa Parks

Senior Vice President, Learning and Development

Christopher Lind

xHead, Global Digital Learning

Emily Mason

Sr Director, Talent Management & Enterprise Learning

Kevin Martin

Chief Research Officer

Newt Moore

Director for Learning Innovation and Performance Improvement @ UL

Sal Venegas

Global Head of Talent Management

Shweta Srivastava

Director, Employability Development Partnerships

Stephanie Kerr

xDirector, Organization Effectiveness

Tim Gerrits

Senior Director, Talent Management


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