About Us



  • Increase awareness of innovative talent development solutions
  • Share forward-thinking best & next practices
  • Facilitate greater collaboration among members by identifying mutual interest top-of-mind priorities


The Executive Learning Exchange coordinates a series of live and virtual F2F experiences throughout the year designed to provide more in-depth understanding of a variety of focused concentrations:


To learn more about the Executive Learning Exchange, our infographic highlighting benefits is online here.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

As a community, we support using our talent and resources for giving back. Our first CSR initiative in 2008 was e-Learning ForKids, a global non-profit foundation that provides over 175 FREE courses in basic skills for children ages 5-12 and our founders created a 501(c)(3) foundation www.RightStart4Kids.org with other initiatives supported by our members.

Visit www.RightStart4Kids.org to learn about our current projects and how you can get involved.