13th Annual Chicagoland Learning & Talent Development Leaders Conference»

Allstate Insurance Company Auditorium & Conference Rooms C1-C4 Enter via North Plaza, Building A ('A' Door) 2775 Sanders Road Northbrook, IL 60062

Allstate Insurance Company

Steve King
Vice President, Talent & Leadership Effectiveness

Barbara Higgins
Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Retention

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Peer-networking Roundtable: Learning Strategies»
Presented on 3/5/2009


Lisa Schumacher
Director, Education Strategies

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Executive Learning Exchange (ELE)

The Executive Learning Exchange (ELE) is a consortium of senior Chicagoland, Central Illinois, Central Indiana, Milwaukee and Twin Cities learning leaders who are committed to promoting greater visibility, influence and professional opportunities among its members.

We hope you can join one of the following upcoming peer-networking events: We continue to add collaboration strength with our community.


The 13th Annual Chicago Learning & Talent Development Leaders Conference is just two weeks away. We are excited about this opportunity-rich day to collaborate with your peers.

Click here to PREVIEW our nearly final agenda and we plan to share session abstracts soon.

If you still need to register, you can click here to register now. You can check online to make sure your team members are signed up for our 13th Annual Chicagoland Learning & Talent Development Leaders Conference @ Allstate (02-OCT-2014)

Our 2014 book, Learning Beyond the Classroom: Producing COMPETIVE Business Results was published earlier this month. Everyone attending our Oct 2nd program will be provided a complimentary copy. Both printed paperback books and Kindle e-books are available on Amazon.com and book stores.

Our 2014 Book Learning Beyond the Classroom
“This book itself is an outstanding example of learning beyond the classroom. So many lessons from so many companies, quick and to the point.”—Steve King, Allstate

“A wonderful collection of performance benchmarks without having to leave your office!”—R. John Welsh, Bellevue University’s Human Capital Lab

“An easy read chockfull of real-world tips to take your workforce to the next level.”—Karen Kocher, Cigna University

“Collective wisdom and insight provided by in-the-trenches experts is a must read for anyone interested in leveraging learning to its full potential.”—Kevin Oakes, i4cp

If you are an Enterprise ELE Member and interested in presenting or exhibiting on Oct 2nd, please contact Dirk Tussing for more details as we are working on filling in the remaining slots available.

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Chicagoland & SE-Wisconsin

The theme for our 2014 learning leaders’ conferences is Learning Beyond the Classroom - Producing COMPETITIVE Business Results and plan to periodically update this website as 2014 programming details unfold.

Active ELE Enterprise Members can use their PREPAID tickets at either our 4th Annual SE-Wisconsin Learning Leaders Conference planned for Thursday, May 15, 2014 when we are back at Harley-Davidson Museum or October 2014 for our 13th Annual Chicagoland Learning & Talent Development Leaders Event; ELE Enterprise & Vendor Members can purchase additional conference registrations at a discounted rate.

To help everyone plan for 2015, our 2015 conferences are scheduled for:

If you are an Enterprise ELE Member and interested in presenting or exhibiting, please contact Dirk Tussing for more details.

To learn more about the benefits included with becoming a Learning Executive Exchange member, view a one page program summary and read our on-line FAQ’s for more details.

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